What’s Your Story?

06 Oct What’s Your Story?

VentureCapitalist looks for companies with a well-told story. This invaluable asset gives companies a competitive advantage in today’s market and can be used to persuade customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders that your company, product, or idea can help them achieve success.

Too often, PowerPoint presentations create an environment that causes the emotional connection with a story to be lost. President of Mandalay Entertainment, Peter Guber, says, “For too long the business world has ignored or belittled the power or oral narrative, preferring soulless PowerPoint slides, facts, figures, and data… As the noise level of modern life has become a cacophony, the ability to tell a purposeful story that can truly be heard is increasingly in demand.”

Steve Jobs is an iconic example of a great corporate storyteller. Sure, Apple introduced revolutionary products to the market (i.e. – iPod, iPad, iPhone, iWatch, etc.), but Steve Jobs played an integral part to the company’s success by telling the unique story behind each product. The benefits for Apple have been HUGE. In 2013, Apple reported nearly $170 billion in revenue.

Every great corporate story has the same three fundamental components:

The Challenge
The problem your audience is having in their business or industry.

The Struggle
The hero (your product, service, company, or idea) rises up to meet the challenge.

The Resolution
Your audience is left satisfied that the struggle is over thanks to you.

The great thing is that you don’t even have to present a revolutionary product in order to tell a great story. For example, you could share a story detailing a unique problem faced by your team and explain how you overcame that issue. Share a story about how your product improved a client’s business during times of economic depression. Make the emotional connection with your intended audience! Show them that you can solve their pain points and you will earn their business.

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