Qualities of a Great Venture Capitalist

09 Aug Qualities of a Great Venture Capitalist

Businesses and entrepreneurs want the opportunity to grow and develop into a larger, stronger, and more powerful enterprise. In order to reach these goals, however, entrepreneurs and businesses need to not only have what it takes—drive, determination, motivation, and discipline—but also a good venture capitalist on their side.

So what makes a great venture capitalist that entrepreneurs and capitalists look for?

Honesty. Entrepreneurs want honestly from their venture firm. They want to know where they stand, what they are capable of, and the investments that are worth it. Also, entrepreneurs and small businesses want to work with a firm that also recognizes their limitations. Not all venture capitalists are well versed or knowledgeable in all industries, especially technical, social, health care, or other market places.

Ask the Right Questions. Venture capitalists should ask entrepreneurs and small businesses the right questions. This involves learning about an unknown marketplace or one that is unfamiliar, learn what a small business is about—their products, services, and mission—and even their goals before considering investing. Venture capitalists should realize that it’s not all about suggesting solutions, but also about listening and learning.

Be Respectful. This might seem simple, or maybe even out of place, but it goes a long way…especially for entrepreneurs and businesses. Being respectful could refer to something as simple as being on time for an appointment or meeting or as respectful as declaring that there is no interest in fundraising or investing, and then moving on. Experienced venture capitalists realize that being respectful and honest up front goes a long way for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Give the “Little Guys” a Chance… Most venture capitalists will only invest in billion dollar companies. We get it. Investing in smaller businesses obviously comes with its own set of risks, however, businesses and the economy will have a harder time growing and developing further if venture capitalists don’t fully explore option business options, or take the time to learn or get to know other businesses or entrepreneurs.

What makes Venture Buyout different?

All in all, entrepreneurs and small businesses should work with a venture capitalist team that displays the above qualities and behaviors. Venture Buyout is proud to invest in middle-market and middle-stage companies and businesses. We believe in working with unique companies that other investment companies overlook.

In our experience, we’ve also seen many businesses and entrepreneurs who put “all their eggs in one basket”, so to speak. While we take the time to listen to what businesses do, what they want to achieve, their overall goals, and what they strive for, we also help them to see their vision “outside of the box”, and assist them in obtaining their goals. We also provide management support in order to boost operations and growth.

Venture Buyout also buys into businesses and assists business owners in the middle of their corporate life cycles by providing financial, operational, and marketing assistance and support. Our ultimate aim is to stimulate and assist in company growth and development.

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