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We Court Start-up Investors

A dedicated focus on client engagements.

Investor Strategy

As industry veterans of private equity and venture finance, we know the risks associated with starting, growing, managing and profitably exiting companies. Our core values are derived from an overarching investment strategy that involves filtering the right deals.

Additionally, we don’t work as typical start-up funds. Unlike traditional venture capital where large sums of money are invested in a slew of start-up businesses, we require each deal’s financing to be raised individually. This methodology helps to weed out the poorer opportunities by requiring each deal to stand alone.

Investor Criteria

We understand that obtaining a reasonable return on your investment is best achieved through proper strategy combined with consistent and thoughtful execution.

Unfortunately, not all investors fit within our wheelhouse. Like most start-up and growth financing organizations, the more investors, the better. However, because our investment strategy warrants a focused approach in the number and volume of deals we do, we tend to be more selective of the investors we allow on board. Here are some of the filtering criteria we use for our investors:

  • Experience. Sure most investors would love to simply put their money to work in a passive way. Unfortunately, we’re looking for investors with experience and technical knowledge of the fields in which we invest. 
  • Synergies. We solicit investors with a synergistic approach to their investing strategy. We like investors and organizations who can enhance our existing knowledge-base. In some cases, investors are brought on in a pay-for-service as advisers for the entrepreneurs we represent.
  • Partners. We prefer investors that will act as partners, get involved in due diligence and don’t require a great deal of hand-holding.
  • Accredited and Non-Accredited. We work with both accredited and non-accredited investors for bot Regulation D and Regulation A+ offerings for equity/debt capital raising.

Like you, we like to build a network of formidable and knowledgeable investors into the deals that suit their own preference for quality and risk. Start/Capital investors are free to invest in as many stand-alone deals the company is offering to its private network of investors.

Join our qualified investor database.