Company Criteria

Our ideal candidates are companies owned and operated by the entrepreneur who wishes to “take some of the chips of the table” by selling all or a portion of the business.

While certain venture capital firms have used the buyout model in recent vintage to help mitigate investment risk through diversification, here at, we only invest in privately-held businesses that fit within the Venture Buyout model. Our typical investment includes:

  • A longer company history and proven track-record for performance. We simply don’t invest in startups.
  • More predictable cash flows. We’re not interested in potential. Some past revenue and results will be required to show the business can be scalable and sustainable.
  • Smaller companies. Our buyouts generally consist of companies with steady revenues of less than $50 million a year.

In short, each deal must stand alone. Funds used to acquire business assets are invested alone on a deal-by-deal basis. Previous investors may desire to be included in new financing opportunities, but each investment must needs stand on its own two feet.