Venture Buyout Services

Like most VC firms, we’re passionate about entrepreneurs who’ve the ability to start, grow and execute. We’re particularly interested in managers familiar with swimming in the ambiguous waters of entrepreneurship.

In many cases, such business owners didn’t go after venture funds, started their businesses in their garage and achieved success on their own merits and financial capital. Unfortunately, many such owners are also highly-exposed. They’ve all their eggs in a single basket business with little wiggle room and opportunity for growth.

Unlike the traditional venture funds, we like companies with somewhat predictable cash flows, a history of success with an existing foothold in their particular market. We take the company the entrepreneur has started and provide the capital to take risk of the table for the owner(s) and help grow the company to the next level of profitability.

Owner & Management Buyouts

We provide traditional management buyouts services with a venture equity twist. We look to take our management expertise into the business to help improve its operations and put it on a growth trajectory. In short, we seek to take businesses to the next level.

We also assist owners, entrepreneurs and existing investors to take some of the chips off the table. We’re there to  remove some investor and owner risk while providing a needed injection to the company finance, marketing and operations.

Stand-Alone Deals

Unlike most venture firms, we don’t raise massive funds only to invest in a bucket of companies. In contrast, each deal must stand alone as a quality investment. This also means, funds are raised on a deal-by-deal basis. In most cases, this helps to immediately eliminate “bad apple” companies, but it also helps to better ensure each business in which we invest has the support and interest of investors to be solvent and profitable for the long-term.