Start Capital

06 Oct What’s Your Story?

VentureCapitalist looks for companies with a well-told story. This invaluable asset gives companies a competitive advantage in today’s market and can be used to persuade customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders that your company, product, or idea can help them achieve success. Too often, PowerPoint presentations create...

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06 Sep Deciphering a Term Sheet

VentureCapitalist works with many talented entrepreneurs. With every deal, a contract (aka term sheet) is issued to the entrepreneur outlining details regarding the structure of financing, liquidation preferences, founder shares, restrictive covenants, and other clauses. The purpose of a term sheet is to ultimately protect...

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11 Aug Venture Capital Funding Rounds

Venture Capitalist is not your traditional venture fund. We don’t raise massive funds only to invest in a bucket of companies. Each deal we make stands as a single quality investment to provide each business we partner with the full support and interest of investors...

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