About Start Capital

Start/Capital procures business growth and start-up capital for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s a “by entrepreneur, for entrepreneur” enterprise. We fund businesses with $50,000 minimum cash infusions for start-up and growth opportunities.

Start/Capital is maintained and managed by early-stage growth funding experts specializing in private stocks, private equity, crowdfunding, and general private placement. The company works with creative debt and equity financing options, including using IRA and 401(k) financing and crowdfunding to procure the the right mix of start-up funds.

We work with everything from internet and technology start-ups to legacy businesses needing capital infusions for equipment purchases and inventory investment. Regardless of the type of investment you require, we can greatly assist in helping get your company off the ground and running rapidly.

In addition to financing options, we work with great regional partners and investors to help you fully maximize the growth potential of your enterprise.

At Start Capital, we combine some of the unique elements of venture capital and private equity. We invest in companies in the middle-market and the middle-stage. It’s a unique subset often overlooked by other current models for funding.

Venture capital firms generally adhere to risky startup ventures, knowing that by investing in a broad swath of quickly-emerging startups, the company mitigates risk and will generally make up losses by hitting one or two big wins. In contrast, many a private equity firm prefer the steady-state cash-flows of long-standing legacy businesses in predictable markets. In many cases, such firms use the cash flows to leverage companies and extract value.

Until recently, no asset definition or class aimed to tackle the lion’s share of companies in the middle of the range who may have been looking to sell (all or a portion), restructure or ultimately mitigate their own risk by taking some chips of the table. That’s where we come in.

Start Capital assists business owners in the middle of their corporate life-cycle by buying into the business, providing financial, operational and marketing assistance. Our ultimate aim is to assist in company growth and thereby achieve a much larger corporate exit in the future.